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Cryptocurrency Company in Lithuania

The world of cryptocurrency is competitive and fast-paced. Even though it has been around for only a few years, the number of crypto companies launching their own tokens, services, and blockchain projects has skyrocketed. In this highly saturated market, it’s imperative that any company looking to lead the way in this space stand out from the rest. The Lithuania offers favorable conditions for business owners who want to operate there.


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Why is Lithuania the best place for crypto companies?

Lithuania is a country at the intersection of three major spheres of influence, making it an excellent place for blockchain businesses. First, the Baltic Sea is a major shipping route that connects Europe with Russia and the rest of the world. Lithuania has a favorable business environment, especially for innovative companies that are looking to go global. It offers significant tax incentives and a legal structure that’s friendly to blockchain entrepreneurs. The country offers a wide range of business services, including accounting and law. Foreign investors enjoy a 100% ownership of Lithuanian companies; there are no limits on equity ownership, ownership transfer, or repatriation of funds. The government is also supportive of blockchain companies, recognizing the importance and potential of blockchain technology.

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Obtaining a Crypto license

We collaborate with the Lithuania regulator to ensure we are compliant with the country’s laws.

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Our company can help you set up a firm, tailored to your needs.


We offer accounting services, including for crypto businesses.

Virtual office service

We offer accounting services, including for crypto firms.

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Lithuania stands out as the best place for crypto companies thanks to its pro-blockchain government, supportive business environment, and a virtual sandbox environment where businesses can experiment with new technologies and products.


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